Workshop on technology transfer in the framework of the DIT4Bears project

On October 14, RUSSOFT invites you to a webinar on technology transfer as part of the DIT4Bears project. Speakers of the event will discuss the progress they have made, introduce technology partners and present cases for the future hackathon.

The event will be useful for university and high school students who are ready to try their hand at a hackathon aimed at solving issues of the Barents Euro-Arctic region. Also, those who want to get an internship in leading IT-companies.

DIT4BEARs is part of the Kolarctic program. The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the transfer and adaptation of breakthrough information technologies (IoT, Big Data, distributed ledger technologies, etc.) to meet the social and economic needs of the Barents Euro-Arctic region.

RUSSOFT participates in the development of a case for garbage collection – Smart Waste use-case together with colleagues from ITMO University and Northern (Arctic) Federal University. The case will solve the problem of low efficiency of waste management operations, optimize routes of garbage trucks and improve the road situation in large cities such as St.Petersburg.

RUSSOFT companies are invited to cooperate and participate in the European DIT4Bears project as technology partners. If you are interested, please write to Valeria Romanovskaya, [email protected]

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