Autotalks teams up with Sreda Solutions

22 April 2021

V2X communication solution provider Autotalks has teamed up with Russia’s Sreda Solutions to offer a V2X solution for the Russian and global markets.

NTI (National Technology Initiative) AutoNet project, managed by GLONASS Union non-commercial partnership, which was appointed by the Russian government, is spearheading the effort to introduce V2X technology to the domestic vehicle market and supports Euro NCAP initiative to add V2X to the vehicle safety rating starting 2024.

Sreda Solutions, a provider in Russia’s wireless technology and automotive embedded systems market, launched its first V2XSmartCore (V2SC) software using Autotalks CRATON2 chipset. Sreda’s V2SC product is the embedded software for On Board Units (OBUs) and Roadside Units (RSUs) based on ETSI V2X standards for ITS-G5 and C-V2X communication technologies. The V2SC software has been verified in four pilot projects in smart cities and on highways, a press release from Autotalks reads.

Russia is moving quickly to adopt V2X technology. V2X tests have been recently launched in St. Petersburg and new V2X pilot tests are planned in Kaliningrad, in other regions and on highways later in 2021. OEMs and other partners will be invited to join these field tests. In addition, Russian representatives are in discussions with the pan-European C-Roads project on cross-border tests encompassing Russia and EU member states.

“The Russian V2X industry has huge potential and Sreda Solutions is an ideal partner for Autotalks to penetrate this market which is rapidly opening up,” says Yuval Lachman, Vice President of Business Development at Autotalks, in the press release. He adds that the Russian government support is expected to lead to a rapid acceleration in the adoption of V2X technology.

“We are very pleased to have an established V2X chipset leader such as Autotalks as our partner,” adds Dr. Yaroslav Domaratsky, CTO and Head of Engineering at Sreda Solutions. “Russia proved its ability to quickly adopt life-saving connected car technologies, as we have seen in the successful adoption of ERA-GLONASS, the modern Russian system of emergency response launched by the GLONASS Union, which is similar to the European standard eCall/E112. Based on this track record, we expect V2X adoption in Russia to be fast and effective, and plan to support this adoption with top class V2X solutions.”

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