DataReportal: Yandex Search Engine Became One of the Most Visited Internet Resources in the World in February

11 May 2022

DataReportal has presented Digital 2022 Global Overview Report based on data from research and marketing agencies for the end of 2021 – beginning of 2022. According to the data from Semrush IT platform, ranked 15th in the world in terms of traffic in February. In total, 2.33 billion users used this Russian-language search engine, of which 297 million are unique.

Users spent an average of 19 minutes in the search engine. According to the specialists of Similarweb, which ranked 8th with an average visit time of more than 11 minutes.

According to the report, in total, more than 5 billion people in the world (63% of the population) use the internet (as of April 2022), which is 4% more than a year earlier. The levels of internet penetration by region are shown on the screenshot.

Earlier it was reported that Telegram was among the top 5 most downloaded applications in the world.

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