Russia To Send Its Software, Equipment To South Africa - Digital Development Ministry

06 February 2020

Russia will supply South Africa with its software and equipment under the respective agreement between Russia’s Geoscan company, which produces unmanned aerial vehicles, and South Africa’s NTIYISO, a consulting firm, Russia’s Digital Development Ministry said on Wednesday in a press release.

Russia will supply South Africa with its software and equipment under the respective agreement between Russia‘s Geoscan company, which produces unmanned aerial vehicles, and South Africa‘s NTIYISO, a consulting firm, Russia‘s Digital Development Ministry said on Wednesday in a press release.

“The agreement on [Russian] software and equipment supply was signed during the recent visit of the South African delegation to Moscow. The visit [by the South African delegation] followed another one by representatives of the Digital Development Ministry to Johannesburg last December,” the ministry said.

According to the press release, South African companies were interested in Russia‘s developments in the information and communication technology field, and during the visit, they had the opportunity to take a look at the best inventions.

In addition, South Africa was most interested in developments in the fields of unmanned aerial vehicles and software � including DWDM systems that simultaneously transmit dozens of independent information channels at different wavelengths via a single optical fiber � intellectual land-use systems, and inventions related to information security and information protection systems for companies, the ministry said.

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