Smart neurointerface to aid physically impaired

19 April 2019

A young Moscow-based company called Neurotrand and partner neuroenthusiasts have developed a new neurointerface-aided hardware-software complex.

The system is designed to help in the rehabilitation of the physically impaired, including stroke patients in clinics, heavily wounded military servicemen, people disabled in an accident at their production sites, and some others.

The neurointerface designated “Neurochat,” consisting of a headset and software to be installed on any desk- or laptop computer, helps the user type words and phrases on the screen and then send those to a person the user is chatting with. Automatic text correction is used to make the task easier.

The system takes just 12 minutes to learn all it needs to assist its user. Following that, it starts recognizing the keys and other objects the person may be interested to use. With the Neurochat, the user can type with an accuracy of about 75%. In addition to text, the system can be used in parallel with a range of other services, such as YouTube, search engines, multimedia, etc.

A number of Russian rehab centers are now testing the Neurochat. Serial production is scheduled for late spring or early summer this year.

The developers believe in future the system could also benefit various industries, including gaming and others where there’s interaction between man and machine.

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