TAdviser.com – the first media website in Russia, powered by artificial intelligence, switched to neural network technology

17 March 2021

In January 2019, PROMT, one of the leading global MT developers, and TAdviser, a number one website on digital economy in Russia have launched TAdviser.com, the English-language version of the Russian website TAdviser.ru, which is formed automatically, using solutions of PROMT automatic translation. During the partnership TAdviser has translated over 200 milion words using PROMT machine translation. Every month over 1,000 translation requests are automatically sent from the Russian site TAdviser.ru. The translated content is then automatically published in the English version of the site.

For the first two years TAdviser.com has been using RBMT (Rule-based Machine Translation) technology: it produced a translation, which was enough for understanging, but had “machine accent”. Since the beginning of 2021 the English version of TAdviser is powered by NMT (PROMT Neural Machine Translation), which produces translation of a quality comparable to human translation.

“Neural network technology provides smooth machine translation – in many cases it is almost the same as a translation made by a human professional. PROMT machine translation system was specifically trained for TAdviser on news and texts related to IT industry. This will make news even more readily available to the English-speaking audience,” emphasised Julia Epiphantseva, Head of Business Development at PROMT. “News content has its own specifics when it comes to machine translation. On the one hand, news texts are not as difficult for machine translation, as specialized texts, such as technical documentation, because they do not contain complex terminology or specific syntax. On the other hand, these texts are very diverse in topics, events, so they can contain the most diverse vocabulary.”

“Information technology in Russia is developing rapidly. Domestic companies are entering foreign markets. The primary mission of TAdviser.com is to represent the Russian IT industry abroad, and to provide objective information about the leadership positions of our country in the development of digital economy, says Mikhail Santo, Managing Partner at TAdviser. “We are confident that the transition to the new technology of automatic translation will further accelerate the growth of the audience of our English version.”

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