India, Russia Discuss Cooperation in Areas of IT and Digitalization

19 September 2023

In the wake of unilateral sanctions imposed on Russia by the West, New Delhi has emerged as one of the most trusted trade partners of Moscow.

Amid the growing economic bonhomie between long-time strategic partners India and Russia, the two countries have begun discussions on expanding their cooperation in the field of information technology (IT) and digitalization.

The development comes at a time when India’s Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) earned worldwide attention during the G-20 summit held in New Delhi earlier this month.

RUSSOFT, the largest association of Russian software companies, recently organized an online seminar on the topic of “current trends in Russia and India in the field of IT and digitalization”, which was attended by luminaries of both countries from the sector.

During exchanges, IT experts from Russia and India emphasized that information technologies play a vital role in attaining “economic sovereignty” and sustaining development.
According to Pavel Klepinin, who is the founder of “Etern-IT-y”, a non-profit organization of digital managers, they focused on deploying their expertise and knowledge for the financial growth of India and Russia.

First of all, we plan to work directly with IT directors – to help them improve their professional characteristics and develop managerial skills. In our opinion, one of the important actions in this process is visiting production facilities by IT directors in order to better understand all internal processes“, Klepinin said during the conference.

Together with our partners, the RUSSOFT Association and the Etern-IT-y community, we are exploring strategic areas in which Russian and Indian companies can combine their efforts – cybersecurity, AI, smart cities, etc. We are making history to create a new multipolar and just world by developing new ideas and technologies,” Chakraborty concluded.

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