Russian Legalization: The Ministry of Digital Development proposed to take money from companies that purchase foreign software and redirect it to the development of domestic software

19 April 2023

At the annual meeting of the Association of Software Developers (ARPP) “Domestic Software,” the Ministry of Digital Development is developing proposals to legalize the use of software from troubled countries, where the copyright holders have left Russia, and where there are no analogues in our country.

The basic requirements have already been agreed upon, according to the minister. Companies that use foreign software will have to set aside funds for special accounts, which will be used as collateral for soft loans for Russian developers. According to the head of the Ministry of Digital Development, it will be difficult to forego people’s payment for Russian software.

Mintsifra asserts that this is a temporary measure until competitive analog solutions appear and are introduced on the market. Those in the IT industry feared that such a legalization of software might result in companies stopping buying domestic goods.

A skilled approach to temporary legalization will contribute to the high-quality development of Russian solutions that may then be implemented abroad. According to the Russoft Association, the export of Russian software decreased by 12–17% to $8.4 billion at the end of last year.

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