The State Commission for Radio Frequencies May Extend the Period for Use of Frequencies for 5G by One Year for Broadcasters

14 June 2022

At the next meeting, which will be held on June 27, the State Commission for Radio Frequencies may extend the period for using frequencies in 175–230 MHz and 470–790 MHz bands for analog TV until August 2023. Earlier, the Ministry of Digital Development wanted to hand over the 694-790 MHz frequency band, which was freed up as a result of the digitalization of terrestrial TV, to mobile operators to develop 5G.

According to a representative of one of the operators, frequencies in the 694-790 MHz band could now be used not only for 5G development, but also for LTE. The extension of the period for the use of frequencies for analog TV will lead to postponing operators’ obligations to cover regional motorways.

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