West Siberian science cluster launches accelerator for research and technical projects

22 April 2021

West Siberian Research and Education Center and National Association for Technology Transfer announce a collection of research and scientific and technical projects and teams for open acceleration, the Department of Strategic Communications of Tyumen State University said on Wednesday.

“The accelerator will become the platform on which the concepts of new projects will be formed, the teams will self-organize, their leaders will be determined. The selection of projects in the research center will be the start of a lot of work. I wish the accelerator participants success in order to achieve significant results for the West Siberian region,” said Rector of Tyumen State University Ivan Romanchuk.

Teams from any region are welcome to participate, presenting scientific and technical projects at the stage of readiness not lower than TRL-2 (studies have been carried out to prove the fundamental feasibility of the technology) and / or TRL-3 (experimental or theoretical proof of concept). During the acceleration, teams will have the opportunity to work out the potential of the project under the guidance of practicing tech brokers and learn how to effectively cooperate with industrial partners.

Applications are accepted in the following areas: human, plant and animal biosafety, including digital transformation of medical technologies and digitalization of agriculture; development of new technologies in the field of carbon balance control and improvement of environmental control; resources and environmental quality in the Arctic, people in the Arctic; digital transformation of the oil and gas industry, including petrochemicals; advanced solutions in the field of educational technologies (EdTech // EduNet projects).

Participation of projects on other topics is also possible, provided they correspond to the Russian Strategy of Scientific and Technological Development. The admissions will wrap up on April 30.

The finalist teams that successfully present their projects at the final stage of acceleration will win grants from 3 million to 10 million rubles or participation in partnership projects with organizations that teamed up with the science and research center.

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