CUSTIS has 20-years of experience providing a comprehensive service for conceptual design, development, solicitous implementation and maintenance of IT systems for major banks, retailers and government institutions.

The company’s mission is to work on strategic development of its customers, solving critical business problems with IT tools, and to support innovative technology projects, which are to open new opportunities for companies and industries.

Among customers of CUSTIS are industry leaders and organizations with the high dynamics of business processes, such as The Central Bank of Russia, Gazprombank, Sportmaster, retail network O’STIN and others. The company employs the team of about 250 professionals who prefer and know how to solve original problems of high complexity.

CUSTIS has extensive project and technological expertise. The company was one of the first in the country to implement agile methodology for software development. CUSTIS actively applies vendor technologies along with active development of competencies in utilization of open source products.

Services and expertise: IT-consulting, conceptual design, development, solicitous implementation and support of software systems during full life cycle.

CUSTIS is actively developing in new areas, the volume of consultancy and design has increased considerably. Architectural audit services allow the company to quickly learn about technological trends and build a closer and fruitful interaction with current customers.

CUSTIS solutions

CUSTIS specializes in creating large-scale IT solutions that provide competitive advantages and better quality of customers’ key processes. Today, the company develops corporate solutions in higher education, treasury management and capital investment.

The Treasury Management System class solution automates payment functions of a group’s single treasury, centralizes the payment process and improves liquidity management. The automation of cash management common operations reduces the time for applications and payments alignment from a few days to a few minutes. In addition, the solution allows to strengthen the analytical activity of the Treasury, providing tools for cash flow forecasting and modelling. In 2019, the service was awarded the CNews AWARDS prize in the nomination “IT in the service of business: the best solution for liquidity management of an industrial group”.

Capital Investments Platform helps to control large investment projects in industry and capital construction at all stages. The platform provides tools for the implementation of extended banking support, makes all processes transparent to the participants. The solution helps investment companies and large businesses to track the cost and timing of the project in real time, improve the implementation efficiency and make informed investment decisions.

Modeus cloud platform system supports technological transition to the personalization of higher education. The service allows universities to design a new educational space and implement a modular approach to the educational process management. Modeus distributes teachers’ workload and creates thousands of academic schedules automatically.


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