Inreco LAN is a software development company originally founded in 1989. Inreco LAN works on developing bespoke software products and on providing IT services for the clients worldwide. Inreco LAN has carried out numerous successful software development projects. For long-term clients Inreco LAN works as a Software Development Center.

Inreco LAN cares about its clients. It is our strong conviction that each software project must be completed on time and on budget, with all features and functions originally specified. To ensure that, we work with our clients very closely and carefully, using well-structured, industry standard software development processes for each individual project.

Our staff is well educated. All the Inreco LAN employees have advanced graduate and post-graduate degrees in computer science and related disciplines. We are skilled at what we do, and what we do is top-notch software (including custom software products) for our clients.


Sergey Pyatigorskiy


+7 910 777 5017

Konstantin Demidov


+7 4922 444-090