Laboratory 50


Laboratory 50 company was founded by a group of professionals who have an impressive experience in working with domestic secure operating systems. In particular, we work with the very first public version of Astra Linux Special Edition.
Our team has been adapting modern tools and technologies in the field of special systems for handling confidential information and state secrets to the “Top Secret” level since 2010.
Based on the impressive experience gained, our company provides consulting services for the developers of protected systems in the following areas
– building secure systems architecture;
– transition from ISMS 3.0;
– transition from commercial solutions in order to meet the requirements of the FSTEC and the MoD;
– use of an integrated set of information security features of modern operating systems;
– possibility of using free software in protected systems (Django, RabbitMQ, Redis, MongoDB, etc.);
– construction of productive and fault-tolerant complexes;
– mandated access differentiation in distributed systems;
– hardware compatibility with domestic operating systems;
– use of PostgreSQL, Kerberos, LDAP.
– Adaptation of your or free software for handling classified information;
– preparation of documentation for certification according to the requirements of the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control;
– preparation of comprehensive solutions for certification of software based on Java and the necessary libraries.