Lexema specializes in the development and implementation of business process management software on the Lexema platform. The company has implemented several hundred successful projects in different areas of informatization.

The company employs 85 highly qualified specialists in IT consulting and business process management systems development. Lexema has successful experience in developing and managing large IT projects with thousands of users in various industries.

The company is currently developing artificial intelligence and robotization of business processes. It has developed the Lexema-RPA platform to create software robots that perform routine operations on a computer instead of a human. The company’s projects are supported by grants from the national project “Digital Economy” in the “Artificial Intelligence” area and are in line with long-term plans for the development of digital technology in the Russian Federation.

The company’s products Lexema platform for automated enterprise management, Lexema-RPA platform are included in the Unified Register of Russian Software.

The company’s projects have been implemented in various economic sectors: oil, oilfield services, engineering, medicine, light industry and others.


Виктор Тимошин

Генеральный директор


Кудинова Юлия

директор по маркетингу