SoftMasters creates IT systems that enable complete control over key aspects of enterprise business. We are developers and implementers of ILSAR (ILSARv3, ILSARShip, ILSAR RW, ILSARScale, ILSAREtranConnector, ILSAREcoMonitor) IT systems for transport logistics, transport management systems, environmental monitoring of industrial enterprises.

We have accumulated extensive experience in docking our IT systems and various external / related IT and ACS systems installed in industrial enterprises. SoftMasters has developed software for Google Android and Apple iOS platforms. These developments allow the realization of decision-making systems for company management based on the receipt of key performance indicators from ILSAR ILSAR, ILSAR RW to portable communicators/tablets (iPhone, iPad and similar), accounting through handheld data collection terminals like Motorolla/Symbol, protected tablets like Torex Pad.

The accumulated experience allows our IT company to customise our IT systems to any customer requirements within a predictable timeframe.


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