The company develops systems and services based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. The company was founded on the basis of ITMO University’s international machine learning laboratory in St. Petersburg. In recent years, more than 250 projects have been implemented for large companies, including Yandex, Group, Gazprom, NorNickel, Sibur, TVC,, Sinara-Transport Machines and many others.

The main directions of the company are: 
– development of forecasting and recommendation systems;
– Development of information retrieval and decision-making support systems;
– natural language processing;
– machine vision and video analytics.

Among the most important solutions developed by the company are:
– video analytics systems that allow the detection of the dimensions, speed, size, shapes of various vehicles;
– A predictive system of customer churn, allowing you to highlight segments of the customer base that are prone to churn at an early stage;
– services for generating photorealistic images based on text descriptions, which in the future could completely replace the services of designers, artists and illustrators.