Graduate School of Management and Business


The Graduate School of Management and Business (HSMB) is a new format of education with flexible educational technologies and the most sought-after academic profiles. The Graduate School of Management and Business (GSOMB) was founded on the basis of two areas of study: “Business Informatics and Management.

Graduates of the Graduate School have a complete set of competences in the field of management of organisations and business, corresponding to the modern trends. It is the unity of these two areas that determines the inseparability and comprehensiveness of the links between the main systems and subsystems of organization functioning, in particular:
“Management” – formation of theoretical basis, general approaches and concepts to enterprise management; implementation of operational, tactical and strategic management;
“Business Informatics” – development of business management technologies: business process systems, organizational structures, role and functional structures, business and IT services, information system architectures and technological architectures.