RELEX is a team of software development experts. Since 1990, RELEX has been implementing software solutions for clients, including private businesses, large corporations, defense and law enforcement agencies, and state-run companies. We have customers in manufacturing, medicine, e-commerce, telecommunications, security etc. Software development, production and technical support at RELEX are compliant with GOST ISO 9001-2011 and SRPP VT requirements.

During our 27-year history, our developers implemented over 500 projects in Russia, Europe, Asia and North America. RELEX Group has representative offices at Skolkovo Innovation Center and in the US.

Our team is an alliance of experts, university professors, Ph.D.’s and young talented developers.

RELEX is the developer of DBMS Linter, a Russian database management system certified by FSTEC and the Russian Ministry of Defense.


Denis Khokhlov

Marketing Director