(English) In Russia created a mobile application to determine the threat of infection by the coronavirus

16 апреля 2020


Useful program was created by the company “Softtree”, operating on the basis of the market “Safnet” National technology initiative. Using methods of machine learning with analysis of big data, the application sets the level of the probability of the presence in humans of the virus. The staff of NTI told about the new product. The test performed with it, completely anonymous. The program utilizes GPS and Bluetooth, on the basis of which it is possible to set the number of contacts and stay in close proximity with infected people.

Also it will help it easier for the user to avoid places where there are possible carriers of the disease. In addition, using the app, you can check availability at certain signs. The software contains a questionnaire, answering questions which can determine the level of threat, if any. In addition, the software saves the history of user testing for two weeks. On the basis of its service that tracks the symptoms of the possible development of the disease.

The program supports multiple languages and runs on most common operating system Android. It is important that the development and further developed and trained on the basis of the obtained data. Based on them will be the forecast of development of the epidemiological situation in each city.

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