(English) In Russia created an artificial intelligence that develops thinking skills

28 апреля 2020


A unique computer game that allows you to estimate the speed of decision-making by the player and his ability to predict the situation, created by scientists of the Moscow state University of psychology and education (msupe). According to them, the development will also serve as a specialized trainer of these skills. About it reported in a press-service of the University.

Modern methods of investigation of cognitive abilities include not only the measurement of numeracy skills and logical thinking, according to scientists and education: they developed the system is able to evaluate the quality of predictions and decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

In the virtual space, created by specialists of the University, the player is opposed by many active opponents. Their behavior is driven by artificial intelligence based on complex mathematical algorithm. The player’s goal is to “eliminate” all enemies in a limited playing field.

According to him, artificial intelligence adapts the gameplay for a specific subject, watching his strategy and generating a situation of such complexity that will give the most detailed picture of the actual level of his skills.

the Authors note that the game in fact is also a verifier and trainer abilities necessary for the operators of complex automated systems — such as robots-sappers, or drones to air monitor.

Further tasks of the research team — preparation of the system for implementation in educational practice and development based on the artificial intelligence of the software elements that enhance the viability of the automated systems in emergency situations.

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