(English) Intel-backed telemedicine service protects Russian medical workers from Covid-19

08 октября 2020


Lanit-Integration (part of the Lanit group) and Intel have developed and implemented a system for remote coordination and protection of medical workers in 39 clinics across Russia (as of August 2020).

The technology — initially intended for industrial purposes — is based on ergonomic ‘smart glasses’ equipped with a video camera and a compact screen. These glasses are connected with other gadgets within a common information system. A medical worker wearing these glasses can broadcast audio and video from the infectious disease wards to the ‘clean’ area. Doctors in the ‘clean’ area can give him/her recommendations and transfer the necessary documents, such as medical history and images, in real time.

Company representatives claim the system reduces the risk of infection for doctors, reduces the time that doctors spend using personal protective equipment and allows them to pay more attention to their patients. Doctors can hold medical discussions remotely, train the staff quickly and engage narrowly specialized doctors in consultations.

Intel’s participation in this project is a part of its global Pandemic Response Technology Initiative. A grant from Intel allowed to implement the system in nine Covid-19 centers in the Russian capital.

Among the early adopters of the system was the City Clinical Hospital No. 40 of the Moscow Healthcare Department.

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