(English) Telecom wants to digitize waste management

29 июля 2019

(English) MTS, one of Russia’s four largest telecom operators, is launching a project aimed at digitizing the collection of household waste. The technology base is a proprietary telematic services platform MTS has invested $16m in, the Russian business daily Kommersant reported.

The pilot project will be implemented in partnership with EkoStroyResurs, a household waste management operator in the region of Samara some 850km southeast of Moscow. The telco is also offering the solution to other waste management companies across Russia’s regions.

The project calls for the monitoring of waste transporting fleets, including their routes, and waste containers. Each container would be equipped with a smart sensor to see if it is filled or not, and to what level. Waste-carrying trucks are expected to have navigation equipment and 360 degree view dashcams installed.

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