(English) PROMT offline translation modules are integrated into Travis the Translator

13 декабря 2018


The software developer PROMT and the manufacturer of Travis the Translator signed an agreement on integrating the PROMT offline translation engines into the Travis gadget. The integration is planned for the autumn this year.

Travis the Translator is a voice translator that “speaks” 80 languages, 20 of them are available offline. The device is equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G interfaces on the basis of the 4-core processor that provides voice processing and translation.

Travis was released just one year ago. This project was launched on the crowd funding platform by entrepreneurs from Netherlands, with a team in USA and China. Now it is being actively developed on the international market and sold over 100.000 devices already

PROMT offline mobile translation engines will be integrated into Travis under this Agreement. The PROMT Company is the leading Russian developer of linguistic IT solutions, its technologies provide a high-quality translation even without a network connection, which will be especially useful for travelers in roaming.

PROMT produces out-of-box products for all popular platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux – as well as solutions with API and SDK for integrating offline translation features into 3rd party solutions.

PROMT and Travis are striving to bridge all language barriers in the world. Their solutions help to join cultures and support a multilingual environment. The new device is intended to transform a communication process all over the world. Wherever a user goes, he or she can always communicate and understand other people, regardless of technical conditions, cultural characteristics and language difficulties.

‘Our country is preparing to the World Cup – the main sport event of the year- and collaboration with Travis emphasizes efficiency of international cooperation. PROMT technologies mean unique innovative development, and Travis devices are like our dreams about a ’magic box’. We hope for synergy’, – noted Nikita Shablykov, Chief Commercial Officer of PROMT company.

Brend Kouwenhoven, CEO of Travis, also added: ‘To be able to enjoy the World Cup and to create understanding between the Russians and all the visitors from over the world is a great joy for us’.

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