Smart Waste - Disruptive Information Technologies for Barents Euro-Arctic Region

22 March 2020

On March 10-11, RUSSOFT participated in a meeting in Tornio on the DIT4BEARs project part of the Kolarctic program.

Overall objective is to enhance adaption and transfer of Disruptive Information Technologies (IoT, Big Data and Distributed Ledger Technologies, and other) for the societal and economic needs of Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

The project faces challenges, relevant to the field of transport, waste management system, movement of people and goods within the region and transport security connected to winter roads maintenance and reindeer husbandry.

Together with colleagues from ITMO University and Northern Arctic Federal University, RUSSOFT is involved in the development of a smart way to use waste for garbage collection.

This use case is to solve the problem of low efficiency of waste management operations. It will optimize the routes of garbage trucks and improve the road situation in big cities such as Saint Petersburg in future prospective.

Workshops and round tables on this issue are planned for the fall in St. Petersburg.

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