PROTEI-DPI started in Niger

25 May 2020

PROTEI and Malaysian system integrator GABS Telecommunications successfully completed network modernization co-project for Niger Telecoms. State-owned telecommunications company Niger Telecoms was established in Niger in 2016 as a result of two local carriers merger. Niger Telecoms aiming to take their business to the next level solutions and to meet the contemporary requirements to convergent telecoms carriers, as well as to expand the range of services provided, Niger Telecoms needed an advanced platform for analyzing and managing data traffic. DPI platform developed by PROTEI was the optimal solution for both functionality and performance. The project has been implemented in cooperation with GABS Telecommunications, which had already worked for Niger Telecoms.

In May 2019 PROTEI and GABS Telecommunications engineers have carried out all preliminary installation procedures and configurations, as well as performed preliminary acceptance tests at the operator’s site in Niamey. Due to number of integrations with different access networks and network elements from various vendors the project was technically complex and carried out in several stages for minimizing any risks during the migration. Niger Telecoms and GABS Telecommunications engineers have performed on-site operation during all next stages whereas PROTEI experts provided full remote support for all activities. It was a great example of effective international team work.

PROTEI DPI was integrated with Broadband Access Equipment (BRAS) and Mobile Network Core (EPC). It allowed the operator to receive detailed information about the traffic structure in all segments of its network with details up to the level 7 of OSI model to have service awareness and deep in-sight traffic view. The information has already given new opportunities to Niger Telecoms letting them optimize the bandwidth distribution between subscribers and improve the quality of service (QoE) during busy hours. Moreover, the operator introduced new up-to-date tariffs and options to increase its profitability due to DPI integration with OCS.

PROTEI-DPI is a data traffic processing platform with deep packet inspection capabilities allowing to efficiently manage utilization of network resources and implement new value generating services. PROTEI-DPI is an advanced software solution which doesn’t require any proprietary hardware. The platform can significantly optimize data services provisioning and provide a number of additional services. Embedded monitoring and statistics subsystem make it possible to clearly monitor the volume and traffic structure and analyze the quality of service perception by subscribers. PROTEI DPI has been operating in fixed and mobile broadband networks in 15 countries for more than 7 years. Each implemented project makes the system more functional and innovative.

PROTEI, GABS Telecommunications and Niger Telecoms joint project was finished in 2020 and recognized as successful by all parties. The suppliers gained unique experience in integrating with heterogeneous networks and setting up their interaction to organize a single point of package services and tariffing. The operator promptly brought new demanded services into the market.

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