Russian delegation led by RUSSOFT strengthens cooperation with India in the IT industry

27 March 2024

RUSSOFT, together with its partners, has signed agreements in India to open a Russian-Indian Center for the Development and Production of Trusted Hardware and Software Complexes in Uttar Pradesh. This center will be located within a technology park aimed at investing in innovative developments. Collaboration between Russian and Indian companies and organizations in the field of applying and developing technological standards for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will also continue.

From March 8th to 12th, RUSSOFT conducted its first business mission in India with the objective of strengthening partnerships established with the association RISING (Russia-India Special Interest Group) last year. The program included meetings with Indian partners facilitated by the State Policy Center PaPSwap of Uttar Pradesh state for the Russian representatives.

The delegation, led by Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT, along with representatives from participating companies, visited several universities and enterprises in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. Subsequently, they met with various investors and politicians of India in the country’s capital. During this trip, particular attention from the Indian side was devoted to developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and startups in India through close cooperation with the Russian IT business. For the Russian side, it was important to affirm and formalize agreements on specific projects for establishing joint ventures, facilitating technology transfer, and entering the Indian market.

The RUSSOFT business mission resulted in the signing of several agreements aimed at promoting business and commercial relations between Russia and India in the IT sphere. This marks a significant step in strengthening ties between the two countries in technology, entrepreneurship, and state policy.

RUSSOFT, together with the Chamber of Indian-Russian Technological Cooperation (CIRTC) and the PaPSwap State Policy Center, signed a memorandum of understanding with KannInnov Technologies and Infra Limited to establish a Technopark in Uttar Pradesh state for investing in innovative projects within the so-called Defence Corridor in Jalaun-Bundelkhand.

«We are pleased to continue our close cooperation with the RISING Association, which was initiated last year—and this is especially important in the year of Russia’s chairmanship at the BRICS Forum. After the geopolitical division of the world into the ‘World of the Majority’ and the ‘Golden Billion,’ which has occurred in recent years, technological partnership among BRICS+ countries is critically important for the Russian IT industry. Together, we can ensure technological leadership of BRICS+ countries and build a new, more efficient economy and a just world—a community of countries and peoples with a common destiny. RUSSOFT will continue to develop technological cooperation between Russia and India, and India’s participation as a guest country at the International Technology Congress 2024 in September will be an important step in this direction», noted Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT.

RUSSOFT solidified plans for India’s participation in the International Technology Congress 2024 through a memorandum signed with the PaPSwap State Policy Center, Kanninnov Technologies Private Limited, the Chamber of Indo-Russian Technological Cooperation in Russia, and Optimus Logic Systems India Private Limited. According to the memorandum, an Advanced Experience Center for the production of integrated circuits and system architecture will be established at CSMJU (Computer Science Maejo University) in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. The parties will also develop joint certification programs, diploma programs, and student exchange programs. Additionally, they plan to collaborate on standardization and the application of AI in agriculture and healthcare.

«Our goal is for India and Russia to enter into a privileged strategic partnership to create a multipolar world order, where each is a pole in itself. There are areas where we can collaborate to create advanced sovereign technologies with the potential to unite with other BRICS countries. Thus, a BRICS technological platform may emerge. This aligns well with the Indian government’s mission to develop the ‘Make in India’ program, import technologies from Russia, and create sovereign solutions», says Debjit Chakraborty, co-director of CIRTC and RISING, the official partner of RUSSOFT in India.

The development of common standards in the IT industry received special attention. RUSSOFT, along with the PaPSwap State Policy Center and the Chamber of Indo-Russian Technological Cooperation (CIRTC), signed a memorandum of understanding. The memorandum aims to promote the identification and management of common technological standards, fostering cooperation in the IT field between the two countries.

In the presence of the Russian delegation, a separate agreement was also signed to promote Indian startups within the country and in the Russian market, fostering mutual growth and innovation.

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