Russians in New York: delivering food within just 15 minutes

08 September 2021

Fridge No More, a New York based food delivery service of Russian origin, is reported to take just 15 minutes to deliver foodstuffs from a warehouse. Anton Gladkoborodov and Pavel Danilov, two Russian entrepreneurs, launched Fridge No More last year; they started by covering New York.

Fridge No More manages inventory storage facilities with more than 2,000 food items. Delivery is free, there’s no minimal amount to be ordered, and pricing is reportedly comparable to that at a shopping mall. The service has also developed its proprietary inventory management and order control platform. Fridge No More claims it has more than 2,000 customers and performs an average of 200 deliveries a day each worth $40 on average.

The company has plans to expand across the entire U.S. East Coast.

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