RUSSOFT has signed an agreement with The Turkish Informatics Association

01 December 2023

On November 25, the 18th meeting of the Russian-Turkish Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation was held in Ankara, Turkey. In parallel with which RUSSOFT Association and the Information Technology Association of Turkey, which is the oldest IT organization in Turkey (founded in 1971) and uniting the largest number of members (about 12 thousand legal entities and individuals), signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Ivan Starodubtsev, RUSSOFT’s representative for Turkey, Zecurion Development Director in META countries (Middle East, Turkey, Africa), and Rahmi Aktepe, President of the The Turkish Informatics Association (TBD).

This agreement will play a key role in shaping strategic IT relations between Russia and Turkey. According to the Memorandum, the Associations plan to cooperate and provide mutual support to RUSSOFT and TBD members in entering and working in the Russian and Turkish markets in all areas of IT.

According to Ivan Starodubtsev, this agreement is important for companies in both Russia and Turkey, as with help of two IT Associations, huge export opportunities are opening up:

«The importance of signing this Memorandum by leading associations of Russian and Turkish IT businesses is in the writing of new technological pages of Russian-Turkish cooperation begins. Russian companies are already familiar with the Turkish market. The signing of the Memorandum makes it possible to give the efforts of Russian business vector, consistency and put it on an institutional basis through the creation of the RUSSOFT-TBD bridge for interaction with Turkish partners and for entering the market of Turkey and third countries.»


RUSSOFT Association of software developers ( is the largest association of Russian software developing companies, which includes more than 350 companies with more than 85,000 highly qualified employees. RUSSOFT represents the interests of software developers both at the domestic level, contributing to the growth of the attractiveness of IT business and outside Russia through effective GR facilitating the development and promotion of government measures to support the export of IT services, software products and platform solutions.

The Turkish Informatics Association (TBD) ( – founded in 1971 and at the moment the number of its members has exceeded 12,000. The main goal of the Association is to organize the functioning of the IT sector in Turkey: defining functional tasks and standards, taking the necessary measures to develop the industry at the state level, increasing the level of computer literacy and forming the idea of informatization of the community. The Association’s integration into the scientific and technical world community plays an important role.

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