DIT4BEARs’ Workshop introduced new technologies within the project

On April 21, 2021, the workshop within the framework of DIT4BEARs project was held. Topic was devoted to Emerging technologies for the Arctic region. Representatives of partner companies spoke on the already made efforts for the project.

Roman Aleshko from NArFU spoke on Digital Arctic project which goal is to create an Arctic interregional IT-ecosystem which main functions will be training, learning, working within the innovation and technology complex, building platform for network cooperation with leading IT-companies, etc. Another work is Digital Forestry that can help in counting timber stacks and automated determination of parameters of forest resources (species, hight, volume).

“With new technologies we are trying to rethink the complex business processes in forestry field and how digitalisation can help”, Roman said.

His colleague, Vladimir Berezovsky talked about the project he and his colleagues working on, its goal is to trace timber products using blockchain technology within the whole supply chain. It helps in monitoring origin of woods in follow environmental requirements.

Sergey Svistunov and Ivan Znamensky, AVS Consulting, introduced their past projects with software packages for companies with different goals, for example the project using blockchain technologies for biometric identification. It has an opportunity to connect a third-party data. This project opens wide range of opportunities for the region from population accounting to controlling the use of benefits.

The last speaker, Andrei Rybin and his colleagues in ITMO are developing in St. Petersburg the concept of Eco-industrial park where business can cooperate with each other and with the local community. Such projects are already running successfully in other countries, e.g., Denmark, Austria, Finland, GB, etc.

This event is organized as part of the Kolarctic CBC DIT4BEARs project. The overall goal is to accelerate the introduction and transfer of Breakthrough Information Technologies to meet the social and economic needs of the Barents Euro-Arctic region.

More information is available on the DIT4BEARs project website.

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