China and Russia unite for technological and innovative collaboration

12 January 2024

On 10-11th January in Chengdu, China, 21st China International Software Cooperation conference took place. This year’s theme “New Journey. New Track. New Changes” brought together more than 700 representatives of the Chinese and Russian IT industry, including representatives of local government, business community and educational system.

Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT, was an honorary participant of the event, speaking to an impressive audience of the conference during the plenary session held on January 10:

“I have the honor and pleasure to participate in the twenty-first China International Software Cooperation Conference. This is my second time visiting the historic, prosperous, and beautiful city of Chengdu since 2019, to attend this international IT industry event.

我很荣幸,也很高兴参加第二十一届中国国际软件合作洽谈 会。继 2019 年后,我第二次来到历史悠久、繁荣美丽、开放包容 的成都,参加这一国际化 IT 产业盛会。

In March 2023, Russia and China issued a Joint Statement on Deepening the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era, which stated that the strategic cooperation between Russia and China has reached the highest level in history and continues to move forward. The statement also expressed that the friendship between the two people has a solid foundation and that all-around cooperation between the two countries has broad prospects. Russia and China will deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of scientific and technological innovation, will expand exchanges of professional talent and explore new models of cooperation in such sectors as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, 6G, Data Processing, information security, Digital Education technologies and Digital Economy.

2023 年 3 月,俄中联合发布《关于深化新时代全面战略协作伙 伴关系的联合声明》,指出,俄中的战略合作达到历史最高水平并 持续向前发展;两国人民世代友好具有坚实根基,两国全方位合作 具有广阔前景;俄中双方将深化科技创新领域互利合作,将扩大行 业人才交流,在人工智能、物联网、6G、数据处理、信息安全、数 字教育技术、数字经济等领域探索合作新模式。

In the early twenty-first century, Russia’s software industry rose rapidly and achieved significant progress. The Russian higher education system is globally renowned for its computer science and software engineering. The excellent educational system has produced a large number of exceptional software engineers who have played a vital role in bolstering the growth of Russia’s economy. Russia’s software industry excels in technological expertise and innovation with rich experience in software development, network security, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and digital games. Within several years, it has achieved independence from imported software and currently leads the global market in several specific segments, particularly in cyber-security and trusted software.

21 世纪初,俄罗斯软件产业迅速崛起,取得了长足的发展。俄 罗斯的高等教育系统在计算机科学和软件工程方面享誉全球。优秀 的教育体系培育出大量的优秀软件工程师,为俄罗斯的经济增长提 供了强有力的支持。俄罗斯软件产业的技术水平和创新能力较强, 在软件开发、网络安全、人工智能、大数据分析、数字游戏等领域 积累了丰富经验。在短短几年内,俄罗斯已经成功摆脱对进口软件 的依赖,在一些特定领域全球领先,尤其是在网络安全和可信软件 方面。

The scale of the Russian software industry has been expanding year by year, with an average annual growth rate of over 12% in the past ten years, reaching 24,25 B US dollars in 2022. In 2023 we expect to have 30 B USD of turnover with over 25% growth rate. The effective ability of Russia’s software industry to reject all kind of cyber-attacks and to protect IT-systems against any sanctions have strongly increased the demand of many countries to import Russian “trusted software” in order to get the Russian gene of the “technological sovereignty”.

俄罗斯软件行业规模逐年扩大,过去十年年均增长率超过 12%, 在 2022 年达到 242.5 亿美元。预计 2023 年,总营业额将达到 300 亿美元,增长率超过 25%。俄罗斯软件行业不仅能够抵御各种网络 攻击,还能保护自身信息技术系统免受任何制裁,这大大提升了许 多国家进口俄罗斯的“可信软件”以获取俄罗斯“技术主权基因”的需 求。

The cooperation with China in the field of software is the key priority for the Russian software industry. Cooperation between Russian and Chinese companies in the field of designing sovereign CPU or developing sovereign Operational Systems are good examples of such a cooperation. We are to extend the cooperation to developing Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-Physical Systems, CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM and Quantum Communications, 6G and Digital Financial Assets. In the present Global race for leadership in the New Technological Era – Russia is to play not only the role of technology partner – but also to cooperate closely with China within the growing BRICS+ move.

与中国在软件领域进行合作是俄罗斯软件行业的重要优先事项。 特别是俄中两国的企业在自主设计 CPU 和开发操作系统方面的合 作,是这一类合作的典范。我们将扩展合作领域,包括人工智能和 网络实体系统的开发、CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM 技术、量子通信、6G 技术以及数字金融资产等。在当前的新技术时代,全球都在为取得 技术上的领导地位而激烈竞争,俄罗斯不仅要扮演技术合作伙伴的 角色,还要在不断增长的“金砖+”机制中与中国紧密合作。

Chengdu is a major city in western China and serves as an economic and cultural hub, a center for technological innovation and a base for external exchanges. As an important city along the “Belt and Road,” Chengdu is continuously advancing its pace of opening up to the outside world. Chengdu has successfully become one of “China’s Famous Software Cities,” where thousands of software companies flourish and over 600,000 software professionals strive for innovation. Taking this opportunity of participating in this year’s China International Software Cooperation Conference, I have also brought the cooperation proposals of the Russian software industry to Chengdu, hoping to establish partnerships with outstanding software companies in Chengdu.

成都是中国西部的超大型中心城市、经济文化中心、科技创新 中心、对外交往中心。作为“一带一路”重要节点城市,成都不断推 进对外开放步伐。成都已成功成为“中国软件名城”之一,成千上万 软件企业在这里发展壮大,60 余万软件人才在这里拼搏创新。借助 参加本届中国国际软件合作洽谈会之机,我也把俄罗斯的软件产业 的合作需求带到了成都,希望能与成都优秀的软件企业达成合作。

At the same time, I extend an invitation to all of you present here to attend the “International Technology Congress 2024” to be hold in Moscow in April this year. Let us join hands for technological development and innovative collaboration on this global platform for BRICS+ cooperation“.

同时,我也向在座的各位发出邀请,请你们来参加明年 4 月份 在莫斯科举办的“国际技术大会 2024”,在这个“金砖+”合作的全球 平台上携手开展科技开发和创新合作。

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