Valentin Makarov Told NArFU Students about Main Technological Trends and Prospects for IT Sector Development

14 December 2020

Valentin Makarov, the president of RUSSOFT Association, delivered an open lecture at the Northern (Arctic) Federal University as part of the International Youth Festival “IT-Arkhangelsk”. The festival is held in the context of the International project of the Kolarctic Cross-border Cooperation Program “Breakthrough Information Technologies for BEAR” /DIT4BEARs.
Makarov talked about the main trends of the Russian software development industry. According to the annual survey, RUSSOFT, the export of software and software development services from Russia in 2019 increased by 12% and reached $ 7 billion, while total foreign sales of Russian companies, including sales through their foreign offices, increased by 17% to $8,25 billion.

According to RUSSOFT, today the main trend in the field of software exports is a strong growth in overseas sales, mainly to developing countries (up to 200%-300%), with a small increase in sales to the EU and the US (8%).

Makarov noted the phenomenal success of Russian student teams at the World Programming Championships (ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest). Students from Russian universities have been ranked first for several years in a row, beating participants from other countries.

As part of Makarov’s lecture, students and staff of the university were presented with the information about the modern state of the Russian software development industry and its main technological trends; the prospects for the IT sector development were discussed, as well as what needs to be done by young people for them to join the race for leadership in the age of new Technological paradigm.

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