RUSSOFT signed an agreement with the Indian Chamber of International Business

29 September 2023

From September 25 to September 30, the St. Petersburg delegation is on an official visit to the Republic of India. The delegation led by Vice-Governor Vladimir Knyaginin included representatives of relevant committees, the business community and scientific and educational organizations of the city, including Valentin Makarov, President of RUSSOFT.

On September 26, experts in the field of bilateral cooperation spoke at the business congress for St. Petersburg and Indian participants, highlighting the most important issues of doing business in our countries.

After the congress, meetings were held in the b2b format. Representatives of more than 65 Indian companies attended the event in order to get acquainted with their St. Petersburg colleagues, talk about their activities and find potential partners.

On September 27, RUSSOFT signed a cooperation agreement with the Indian Chamber of International Business (ICIB). The organizations will combine their efforts in the development of relations between our countries in the field of IT to help Russian businesses bring their solutions to the Indian market, thereby helping to develop India’s technological sovereignty. Recently, there has been a great interest of India in cooperation with Russia in the field of IT and digitalization, so the countries continue to establish technological partnership, and as noted by Valentin Makarov, president of NP RUSSOFT: “Indian partners are aware of all the risks associated with technological dependence and lack of ability to protect their IT systems from bookmarks and attacks Therefore, we are ready to apply Russian solutions that ensure security and sovereignty.

Founded in 2007 by India’s leading industrialists, ICIB is now represented in 42 countries around the world and in 12 states of India to serve the SME industry and its changing needs. The organization helps to consolidate SME companies, bring them to the world level, interact with government agencies and foreign organizations at all levels to improve the situation of Indian business.

Recall that this spring RUSSOFT also signed an agreement with RISING (Russia India Special Interest Group), which now represents the interests of RUSSOFT and its companies in India.

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