Bringing renewals forecasting calculations into

EVELOPERS rolled out the final version of a renewals forecasting calculator for one of its US-based customers.
The company, whose product provides and builds customer data infrastructure, has got tens of thousands of active clients and needed a transparent process to track monthly & quarterly actuals and forecasts for all of their managed and unmanaged accounts.
The current forecasting process was done by regular exporting all the actual sales information from Salesforce and importing it into Excel spreadsheets for further calculations.
EVELOPERS built a whole new data structure in its customer’s Salesforce instance to support weekly forecasting calculations, their storage and version control. Besides that, we created several Visualforce pages allowing users to see all the relevant information, up-to-date real-time forecasting based on the SFDC data, and to do the inline editing of all the data used in the forecasting.
Bringing the forecasting module inside EVELOPERS’ customer’s Salesforce instance made a massive saving in weekly effort spent on exporting the reports and calculations. Overall, launching this application saves now up to 250 hours of manual work every week.

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