(English) Efficiency and security: PROMT presents a new generation of automatic translation solutions

05 декабря 2018


PROMT presents the new 19th version of machine translators for enterprise and home segments. The company has upgraded the architecture of the client-server solution PROMT Translation Server as well as software products for personal users – PROMT Professional and PROMT Master. A key aspect of all PROMT solutions is Secure Machine Translation.

The problems of data leakage and insufficient control of sensitive information have been growing more urgent for business and inflicts pain on companies. According to analysts, in 2017 more than  2 thousand events of data leakage were discovered, which is up by 37% in comparison with 2016, while the volume of lost records increased fourfold and moved beyond 13 million records. Almost 70% of leakage is associated with network – browsers and cloud solutions. Among other things, the serious breaches of confidentiality are brought about by the usage by corporate employees of free Internet tools or cloud solutions for machine translation as the translated content eventually leaked to owners of online translators and becomes searchable.

Considering that a total ban on usage of online translators and cloud solutions may become of critical character for routine operations and solution of vital business issues, the only sound way for business is the use of offline software.

PROMT software products do not require Internet connection and can be integrated into a customer enterprise-wide network. A new version of the company flagship solution – PROMT Translation Server 19 – a powerful intellectual platform for solution of any tasks of dealing with documents and data in different languages in corporate environment –  today supports neural machine translation technologies and also makes possible to train the solution on the basis of customer corporate data.

PROMT Translation Server 19 performance capabilities:

– Support of the modern technologies
PROMT Translation Server 19 supports neural machine translation technologies and operates on the basis of updated modules enabling high-quality translation of technical, scientific, financial, legal documentation and business correspondence.

– Translation of any documents preserving the original structure and formatting
Using PROMT Translation Server 19 ensures quick translation of documents of different formats. The new version is supplemented by support of OpenDocument Text(.odt) to translate textual files and OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods) to translate spreadsheet tables. 

– Fine tuning tools                                                                                                        
The customers may get adapted machine translations based on their own materials (glossaries, dictionaries, translation memories). PROMT experts give support and services involving fine tuning and customization.

– Reference resources
The solution provides access to the updated general vocabulary as well as the large base of ready-made translations concerning various subject matters for different languages. There is a smart search with consideration for morphology, subject matter, or a specific translation. 

–  PROMT Agent
PROMT  Agent is an important component of solution allowing for obtaining translation of a word or a text fragment just in a few clicks in any application, software or browser. The new version presents a dual view Agent enabling translated text revision that is a convenient mechanism for writing texts in foreign languages.

The update also addresses the solution for private users – PROMT Master and PROMT Lite. Due to new modules and databases the solution makes possible to get translation of an even higher quality.  Translators are also added by large bases of ready made translation examples and the improved PROMT Agent. The new functionality helps both in text and document translation and in learning of languages. All server and desktop PROMT translators work offline without transferring data to third-party services that garantees confidentiality of translation. 

Today the leakage of information is picking up pace at a large scale. Apart from post services and messengers, this problem concerns also machine translation services. Unfortunately, online translators cannot guarantee data security to the full extent, and any data can get into the global net or be transferred to third parties. PROMT understands full well the importance of secure machine translation   and PROMT MT solutions prevent data leakage and guarantee accurate translation results,” says Nikita Shablykov, PROMT Chief Commercial Officer.

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