(English) AI may help treat pulmonary disorders and cancers

22 июля 2020


A Russian company called Intellogic has developed a new artificial intelligence enhanced method of chest X-ray analysis for pneumonia. At the heart of the solution is the company’s Botkin.AI platform.

The X-ray analysis system is intended to assist a radiologist in identifying pathological changes in chest X-rays performed in either a planned manner, or during screening and mass preventive medical examinations.

The developer believes the system will give physicians a strong hand in identifying cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis, and during pandemics with a high frequency of lung lesions, such as the COVID-19.

Using the system is also expected to significantly facilitate a radiologist’s work when comparing multiple studies of the same patient in dynamics influenced by particular treatment.

With the Botkin.AI system, a physician would be able to dramatically reduce the process of referring a patient to a particular specialist (therapist, oncologist, or TB specialist), or to a follow-up study (CT with intravenous contrast, PET-CT, etc.), Intellogic hopes. That would help doctors start treatment immediately upon confirmation of the initial diagnosis.

The process might become particularly advantageous for medical institutions with a large patients flow, where obtaining test results typically takes days.

Intellogic is a Skolkovo Technopark resident in Moscow; the company focuses on the development of healthcare products based on AI technologies.

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