(English) Artificial intelligence IQ Over 9,000: Russian Military to Get Support of Artificial Intelligence

14 ноября 2019


In mid-October, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the national strategy for artificial intelligence (AI) development during the period until 2030.

Russian media reported on Wednesday, citing the country’s Ministry of Defence, that Russia’s military will get a decision-making system that uses the latest data processing technologies.

According to the statement, the system will propose possible scenarios of actions in combat, starting with the most potentially effective.

The system will also be capable of collecting a nearly unlimited amount of information, including text, video, and graphical data.

“During combat, this data will be received from various sources – from soldiers and military hardware, including UAVs”, the statement reads.

Russia is planning to triple spending on its digital economy sector by the year 2024. One of the main aims of the project is to create stable and safe information and telecommunication infrastructure capable of processing and storing large amounts of data.

The project also stipulates that Russian government bodies and organisations will use Russia-made software.

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