(English) European Union invites green tech startaups to climate conference (deadline: Nov. 18)

07 ноября 2020


Green technologies and innovations from high potential startups are key contributors to the global effort on reaching ambitious climate targets. With this in mind, the EU Delegation to Russia launches a call for pitches for EU and Russian startups that develop and promote green technologies and innovation.

This pitching competition is organised in the run-up to the EU-Russia Climate Conference, which will take plaid on Dec. 1-3, 2020 under the auspices of the Skolkovo School of Management.

The conference will bring together EU and Russian government and business representatives, think tanks, academics, experts, NGOs and media. It aims to support an open and fruitful dialogue on climate challenges, on how to address them, and on areas of mutual interest on climate-related subjects.

Twenty select projects (10 from the EU and 10 from Russia) will be showcased during the conference. They will exemplify innovative and high potential technologies for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Startups are invited to pitch no later than Nov. 18 based on the following eligibility criteria

  • Offer a green technology at either development or commercialization stage;
  • Allow two decrease GHG emissions, protect natural ecosystems, improve resilience to climate change, or address other issues related to climate change;
  • Be compatible with Russian and European climate objectives and regulations.

Please submit your pitch by November 18, 2020 to [email protected]

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