(English) Investors buy into new medtech approach

20 июля 2020


Checkme, a Russian service offering a platform for comprehensive health checkup, raised $375,000 in private investment, Firrma.ru reported.

The investor consortium is said to include three angel investors (Sergey Dashkov is one of them), a Singaporean VC fund called Altergate, and a yet-unnamed investor who invested the lion’s share of the amount.

With the Checkme platform, a user can go through all-embracing health checkup by getting access to a constantly updated database of more than 4,000 clinics and labs. The service is built on big data technologies and enables the person to compare prices across clinics, and complete quick registration for checkup.

According to the company, selection of a facility and registration take 3-5 times faster than via conventional procedures. The service does all the paperwork and interaction with a clinic/lab all by itself, a way of further saving time for the user and the medical facility he’s chosen. Checkme’s customer base may include both individuals and corporates that care for their employees’ health status.

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