(English) MERA Addresses AI Systems Testing Aspects at Bug’s’aloud QA Meetup

(English) Vilnius, Lithuania – May 14 – Justina Matulytė, a technical expert at MERA Lithuania, was invited to speak at Bug’s’aloud QA Meetup. The event united software quality assurance specialists willing to talk about software testing as well as gain insights, strategize new ideas, learn about best practices in a “testing world”. The meetup took place on May 14 in Vilnius, Lithuania, where one of MERA‘s R&D centers is located. Justina is a skilled and highly driven professional with a strong background in test automation, who is currently holding a position of QA Automation Engineer at MERA Lithuania. At the Meetup, Justina delivered on the testing aspect of AI systems used for object detection. She gave an overview of the AI industry, which, as Justina mentioned, is considered very popular, but yet experiences a lack of testing-related information. This is why the main aim of her presentation was to share insights on the AI testing specifics she gained while executing a project for a MERA customer from this domain. Although Justina’s talk was mainly focused on AI applied in object detection systems, it covered a broader range of topics:

  • AI and its area of application,
  • main challenges that arise while testing AI in object detection systems,
  • main specifics that distinguish AI from not AI-based systems,
  • main reasons for having AI systems precision issues,
  • lessons learnt from the failures during the project.

After the presentation, there was a short Q&A session followed by many questions raised by the attendees, which showed that this topic sparked considerable interest. This presentation could be a great motivation for all QA engineers to turn their attention towards AI-related testing or at least familiarize themselves with the bottlenecks one may face while testing such kind of systems.

For reference

MERA Lithuania is one of MERA’s European R&D branches established in Vilnius in August 2018. As the company provides software services in multiple technology sectors, the new division quickly took a deep dive into such domains as AI, QA automation, Embedded, Healthcare management, and DevOps. The Lithuanian development center has recently moved to a new office building with an intention to nurture a large team of professionals. Find us at: Lvovo g. 25, Verslo centras “3 BURĖS”, LT-09320 Vilnius, Lithuania.

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