(English) National telco seeks to smarten house security and entrance

22 июля 2019

(English) Rostelecom, the national telecom operator, is developing a residential services ecosystem to be marketed directly to households and house managing companies, Firrma.ru reported. The product, called Rostelecom Key, includes services for house video surveillance and a smart door phone, all to be controlled via a mobile app.

At stage two of the project, face recognition and voice control technologies may be added to video cameras and intercoms.

Rostelecom also has plans to augment the functionality by enabling the generating of one-time keys to let couriers and other authorized outsiders enter a serviced house. Other useful additions may include remote collection of electricity/gas/water meters data, a smart boom barrier, digital keys, and some other services.

Источник: http://marchmontnews.com/Energy-Utilities/Central-regions/22106-National-telco-seeks-smarten-house-security-and-entrance.html
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