(English) PROMT and TAdviser launch media outlet powered by artificial intelligence

26 февраля 2019


On 29 January 2019, TAdviser, a news portal that covers events in the Russian IT sector, and PROMT, a world leader in development of linguistic IT solutions, announced the launch of an online media outlet powered by artificial intelligence technologies.

TAdviser.com is the English-language version of the Russian outlet TAdviser.ru, which is formed automatically using solutions of PROMT automatic translation. This is the first project of its kind in Russia, and perhaps the world. At the time of launch, the system has translated over 206,000 articles from Russian into English from the knowledge base of TAdviser. Including over 40,000 company dossiers, 17,000 descriptions of IT solutions and 47,000 descriptions of IT projects, and also a large number of articles about technology markets of Russia and other countries, and hundreds of interviews with experts from the IT sector.

TAdviser.com has the goal of informing the international audience about key events in the Russian IT sector. The outlet provides a tool for Russian companies which strive to become more noticeable on the world market.

“Russia has a strong IT industry, and we have wanted to discuss it in English for a long time, but it would be very expensive to translate our large flow of information by human efforts,” says Alexander Bagretsov, promotion director for TAdviser. “Technology came to our rescue. This is a characteristic example of the grandiose opportunities that the digital economy provides. We are grateful to our colleagues from PROMT, who responded to our proposal to work together, and took an interest in solving this unique task”.

The automatic translation technologies developed at PROMT will make it possible to solve an important task for Russian companies – to ensure a presence on the international market, in particular in the global information sphere. It is impossible to translate extensive, dynamically changing content, such as sector news, into even one foreign language using professional translators, so AI technologies in the field of linguistics have grandiose tasks ahead of them.

“The use of automatic translation in the media is an example of the effective application of artificial intelligence technologies in business,” says Yulia Yepifantseva, director of business development at PROMT. “To solve the tasks set by TAdviser, we created a completely new solution, and in developing it we concentrated on the features of translated content and translation quality. The new solution is adapted for translation of the specific content of the TAdviser portal – information about Russian IT companies and products, interviews with professionals in the sector, and other technology-related information”.

Realization of the project was made easier by the formalized structure of TAdviser materials, which are all connected to a special category. Individual translation settings were created for each group of articles. TAdviser is not just a media portal about technology, but also a technological media portal itself. The platform is superior to and vastly different from the platforms of traditional online portals.

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