(English) Russian and American edtech expertise augmented in new merger

07 марта 2020


MyBuddy.ai, an artificial intelligence enhanced virtual English-language tutor, announced prospective merger with Edwin, an American edtech start-up, Firrma.ru reported. MyBuddy.ai was founded in 2016 by Russians.

The merging companies are integrating in each other two promising products. Edwin has come up with a new adaptive technology to learn English online with the help of a Facebook chatbot and human tutor, and has developed courses to train a customer for the passing of standardized English language tests. The U.S. start-up has more than 800,000 students across Latin America, in Korea, and in Japan.

MyBuddy.ai has developed a virtual tutor called Buddy. More than a million users from across countries are reported to have downloaded the app. MyBuddy.ai has 17,000+ paying students, and the number is growing by 20% each month. The app is popular among children who learn English in Europe and Latin America, and among families of immigrants in the U.S. It is also one of AppStore’s most often downloaded apps in Russia, Poland, and Ukraine.

The new company that will appear following the merger will retain the name MyBuddy.ai and will keep old offices in San Francisco and in Moscow.

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