(English) Russian microchips come as competitor to Intel products?

24 марта 2020


Syntacore, a domestic developer of next gen microprocessors and microcontrollers based on RISC-V open-source architecture, is making chips that are believed to have the potential to challenge the solutions currently used widely in computers and mobile devices.

The team thinks that RISC-V could come as a competitive alternative to such global standards as Intel’s x86, used in chips for laptops and some servers, and ARM, Ltd.’s ARM that powers smartphones and lots of other consumer electronic gadgets.

“Syntacore has a strong foothold on the fast-growing global market for processor IP and specialized semiconductor solutions. This market topped $25bn in 2018 and is likely to reach $100bn in 2025,” said Artyom Ikoev, Technology Director for the company Yadro that last year acquired 51% of Syntacore.

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