(English) Russian university to launch AI retraining programs

17 декабря 2019


North-Caucasus Federal University will expand its educational programs on artificial intelligence (AI) in 2020, the university’s press service told TASS on Monday. 

“Three institutes at North-Caucasus Federal University announce the start of applications for professional retraining programs in the AI field”, said the press service. The classes are planned to start in February 2020. 

The Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications offers a program for AI specialists, the Institute of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will launch a program dubbed Artificial Intelligence, and the Institute for Humanities announced a professional retraining program in computer linguistics.

“People who have higher education or are in the process of getting one, IT and linguistics specialists, employees and managers, entrepreneurs who would like to apply AI technologies in their work, machine learning, big data processing in real organizations, teachers, graduate students, business managers whose activities are related to data and technologies, software companies employees (project managers, development team leaders), employees of the operational and technical departments and services related to software development — those are the people eligible for our new programs”, the press service said.

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