(English) SIGMAPRO terminals - in the field of culture and education

12 марта 2020


A resident of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina technopark, SIGMAPRO, a trading and manufacturing company, continues to install its own production terminals in various educational, cultural and public institutions of Russia.

The company received an order for the supply of the Titanium software and hardware complex for the Romashka kindergarten in the city of Kireevsk, Tula Region. A 55-inch monitor on a mobile counter is equally comfortable in work for both kindergarten staff and young pupils who, using modern technologies, develop their knowledge and skills.

Along with this, SIGMAPRO experts produced and installed terminals for the Samara Theater of Young Spectators SamArt, which recently turned 90 years old. The theater has two “Total” terminals with software “Barrier-free information environment”.

This equipment is distinguished by a modern ergonomic interface designed specifically for use on large touch displays and adapted for people with hearing and vision impairments.

The developers note that the Total terminals have a built-in information system designed to transmit audio information to people with impaired hearing function in public places with an increased noise level. In addition, it has an automatic voice acting system for texting and sensory control for blind people, as well as software with an interface adapted for use on large touch screens.

For information:

SIGMAPRO company is engaged in the development and creation of multifunctional information terminals with a single control system.

SIGMAPRO has been participating in the implementation of the federal project “Barrier-free information environment” since 2014. For all the time the company has implemented over 500 projects, equipping over 400 facilities throughout Russia with high-tech equipment.

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