(English) Skolkovo and KPMG launch joint IT start-up competition

14 июля 2019


The Skolkovo Foundation and KPMG, one of the world’s top consultancies, have jointly launched an IT start-up competition, the Skolkovo Foundation website announced. Applications can be filed until September 11. Eligible for the competition are start-ups that develop innovative solutions to transform conventional business into digital, thus enabling owners to dramatically cut costs and/or increase proceeds compared to traditional business models. Companies that would apply for the competition must have sales, commercialization strategies, and clear business plans for their projects. Solutions the companies develop must be in demand internationally. Technologies of interest for the competition organizers include big data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, predictive analytics systems, digital manufacture, Internet of things, and distributed registries.

Источник: http://marchmontnews.com/Finance-Business/Central-regions/22100-Skolkovo-and-KPMG-launch-joint-IT-start-up-competition.html
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