(English) Skolkovo Resident Becomes Tessi's Green Artificial Intelligence Technology Provider

12 марта 2020


Tessi, the leader of the French IT market, has entered into a technology partnership agreement with Skolkovo Smart Engines, developer of Smart IDReader. With this product, Tessi and its customers will be able to extract passport data, ID cards and driver’s licenses in mobile applications and Internet services.

Smart IDReader – a set of high-precision and high-performance solutions for the recognition of more than 1100 types of identification documents for 200 countries. The algorithms are based on GreenOCR technology, which takes into account the latest advances in the creation of small-sized and energy-efficient neural networks with increased specific productivity and reduced energy consumption.

Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines, Ph.D.: “The beginning of cooperation with Tessi opens up new opportunities for promoting our business in the international arena and is a confirmation of the quality of our technologies and the fundamental research that we conduct in the field of artificial intelligence”.

Tessi is one of the first large European companies to use the development of Russian scientists in the field of“ green ”artificial intelligence. Partners are united by common principles: technological development, economic growth and concern for the environment.

Pierre Charara, Head of the Tessi Center for Excellence in Intelligent Automation: “We are open for cooperation with companies developing innovative products in the field of artificial intelligence that can transform both companies and entire industries. The inclusion of Smart Engines in our services and product line is an important stage for the development of a number of our business solutions”.

Tessi will take on the promotion of joint solutions and turnkey Smart Engines software products for recognition of identification documents in the European market. Tessi’s clients include Coca-Cola, Societe Generale Factoring, HP, BBVA Group, Mondelez International, Caixabank, Verisure, Caroll, BforBank.

Sergey Khodakov, operational director of the Information Technology Cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation: “Today, the need to introduce and develop innovations is critical for successful business development. Smart Engines has a strong research base in the field of artificial intelligence, which allows us to efficiently implement the tasks of the business. The Skolkovo Foundation is a development institution with a developed culture of innovation, which many large international companies apply to. The solutions of our residents help them not only to introduce new technologies, but also become leaders in their industries”.


Smart Engines – a Russian company – a leader in the supply of integrated solutions for the recognition of identification documents based on many years of fundamental development by Russian scientists in the field of artificial intelligence and machine vision. Already today, leaders in IT, communication and financial markets both in Russia and abroad are using software and hardware systems for recognizing various types of documents. The company’s decisions are key to the development of the infrastructure of the digital economy and provide high accuracy of recognition of various types of documents and security regarding the preservation of personal data.

Tessi is the leading European player in the BPS (Business Process Services) market. Offers services for outsourcing business processes and automation of workflow processes, performing the functions of a digital back-office and allowing customers to concentrate directly on their business. In its BPS practices, the French company performs the work of digitizing and extracting data from invoices, invoices, contracts and other documents. Its turnover in 2019 amounted to 452 million euros. The company has over 9,500 employees in offices located in 11 countries. Tessi’s key markets are France and Spain.

Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization created on the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation in September 2010. The goal of the Fund is to create an ecosystem conducive to the development of entrepreneurship and research in the areas of: energy efficiency and energy saving, nuclear, space, biomedical, strategic computer technologies and software. The Fund is entrusted with the management of the Skolkovo Innovation Center, whose activities are regulated by a special law that provides special economic conditions to startups that have undergone special external technological expertise (now there are more than 1900 of them). In 2018, the revenue of Skolkovo participating companies amounted to 91.9 billion rubles, the total revenue over the 9 years of the project’s existence reached 301.1 billion rubles. 33 thousand people work in startups. More than 1300 developments and technological solutions have been patented. An important part of the Skolkovo ecosystem is a research university – the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), created and functioning with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The construction of the infrastructure of the IC Skolkovo at the expense of the federal budget has been completed (Technopark, University, Gymnasium, road and engineering infrastructure have been built). Over 600 thousand square meters were commissioned. m. objects. In the next 3 years, this figure will double.

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