(English) Smart city platform raises investment

19 ноября 2019


The Moscow Seed Fund invested $43,750 in Tango Vision, a project that is developing a platform for smart buildings and cities, Firrma.ru reported.

At the core of the solution is a map of a building with various business systems and sensors inside the building linked to the map. The solution generates an interactive “twin” of the building to solve an array of problems. Customers for the project include the owners of real estate projects with multitudes of people coming in and going out (business centers, stadiums, hotels, museums, exhibition halls, retail outlets, etc.).

The “twin” interacts with visitors of a real estate project, and the system analyzes the process to make the building “friendlier” and more efficient. When used inside a shopping mall, the solution can give a customer a fast and accurate response to his request for information, and the owner of the mall rapid feedback and customer comments he may then use to re-position objects inside the building, place additional info banners, and do other useful things.

For example, in public utilities and communal services such “live” buildings can give people a tipoff on where problems may arise which would require preventive repair to avoid breakdowns or service disruptions.

Tango Vision already works with projects that have a total throughput of million plus people a week. The platform has also made a splash in Europe, and a pilot project is being put together in Finland.

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