(English) St. Petersburg clinical software developer offers free EDC for all COVID-19 trials

24 марта 2020


Saint-Petersburg, Russia – Data MATRIX, an eClinical software developer, announces free access to its proprietary electronic data capture (EDC) system to run COVID-19 trials in 2020. 

Recognizing the latest update from the World Health Organization, with the total count of people diagnosed with coronavirus surpassing 200,000, over 8,000 of whom have died, Data MATRIX’s team could not overlook the urgency which calls for the highest level of productivity and proficiency from the global life sciences community.  

In response to the global outbreak of the pandemic, the clinical data management software developer will provide its trademark validated all-in-one SaaS solution for clinical trials at zero cost, for researchers to be able to obtain clean data and speed up the trials of such vital value to the global community. 

Given that timeline is of the highest value when dealing with a pandemic, Data MATRIX EDC will provide researchers with the essential resources to enable immediate project start-up and deployment.

“During these times it is essential for everyone to show compassion and humanity. We encourage businesses from various industries to pool their efforts and resources and do all they can in helping to combat the pandemic. We are more than happy to support researchers looking for a COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, we are honored to provide our solutions to all researchers and healthcare colleagues around the world to stop this unprecedented global threat. We want to step in simply because we can,” said Data MATRIX founder Dmitry Sharov.

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