(English) Technology eases refueling at gas stations

29 августа 2020


Gazprom Neft, one of Russia’s largest oil producers, is nearing completion of its three-month pilot project with a St. Petersburg based start-up called Mozen. The partners expect to reach a target KPI of 3 million liters of fuel a month sold to drivers at Gazprom Neft gas stations via the Mozen mobile app alone.

Mozen’s flagship product is a system that automates ride-hailing business. But the team drew much attention from Gazprom Neft following its participation in the oil producer’s corporate acceleration program, StartupDrive.

At StartupDrive, Mozen developed broadened functionality for its app, enabling users to get gas at a station without any physical contact and with noticeable financial savings.

If the partners succeed in their cooperation, Gazprom Neft may consider buying into start-up capital by the end of this year.

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